Good Counsel

Our professional journey involves a blend of giving and receiving of counsel. However, we must acknowledge the impact of natural human barriers that limit the reception of our counsel.
In many cases a consultant is competing against daily organizational norms, so proof sources are critical to validate your insights and solutions to overcome a prospect’s resistance to change.
Proof sources can be a critical component for discovery that builds credibility and establishes an emphasis and motivation for good counsel.

Assessments as a Proof Source

Assessments that consolidate the perspectives and opinions within an organization provide a diagnostic tool that, when compared with national averages, can highlight a focus for counsel.
The more you understand your client, the more your proposed solutions can specifically address their challenges and opportunities.
Evaluating an organization’s internal human dynamics with Visiam’s assessment tools, in conjunction with your analysis, will position you as a strategic partner to achieve improved performance outcomes for your clients.