Visiam Assessments

Organizational assessments or surveys have a tremendous diagnostic value, and Visiam's automated process enables Administrators and HR professionals to quickly implement and react to assessment results.
Review each assessment description below, and if you would like to investigate the assessment process or initiate an assessment, please click on the following link to establish your credentials as an Administrator or Service Provider.

Employee Assessment

The highest form of cultural respect is asking for and reacting to employee input.
The Employee assessment will compare the engagement of your employees with national averages, to identify specific deviations that might influence your human resource strategy.

Supervisor Assessment

Developing supervisors is a universal need in the marketplace, as they represent the organization’s infrastructure with a dominant influence on culture and performance.
The Supervisor assessment will measure a supervisor’s natural instincts and perspectives, and challenge and guide their development.

Soft Skills Assessment

A common characteristic of thriving organizations is the interpersonal and soft-skills embedded within their culture.
The Soft Skills assessment results, when compared to national averages, will identify opportunities to improve employee interaction and ultimately performance.

Organizational Assessment

When evaluating organizational performance, it is important to go beyond the dominating authority of management and leverage insights from within the employee community.
The Organizational assessment captures and summarizes the perspectives of employees and presents it as a singular and credible voice that will expose operational opportunities.

Leadership Assessment

All leaders must recognize the impact of their leadership orientation, and self-examination is a critical step of their journey.
The Leadership assessment identifies a leader’s natural mindset and tendencies in contrast with national averages, to encourage refinement of their leadership style.