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Unresolved Conflict

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December 3, 2020
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January 20, 2021


An organization’s personality includes a combination of contradictory perspectives, opinions, and unresolved conflict, which impacts organizational performance and needs to be managed. Diversity is good, and healthy debate can motivate and energize the most passive participant, creating a natural environment for refinement that challenges the status quo. However, unresolved disagreements can fester as they become personal, competitive, and ultimately counter-productive.

Unresolved ConflictDoes your organization, or do you have the skills and mindset to confront and actively address unresolved conflict?

At a leadership level there needs to be a realization when conflict can have dysfunctional ramifications.

When recognized and exposed, it naturally creates an urgency for resolution that needs to be supported by process, boundaries, and trust.


  • Define the central issue of contention.
  • Clarify and respect perspectives.
  • Neutralize emotion and focus on the facts.


  • Define unproductive communication.
  • Remain focused on resolution.
  • Set expectations and require commitments.


  • Avoid a win-lose mindset.
  • Build transparency and clarity.
  • Focus on the big picture.

When considering the elements of process, boundaries, and trust, we will inevitably encounter history and attitudes that can override logic.  What counsel can we lean on when managing these crucial conversations?

  • Allow for opening dialogues to vent perspectives.
  • Create an atmosphere for discovery to build clarity.
  • Manage and de-escalate tension.

Where any human interactions occur, there will be unresolved conflict and consequences that will be disruptive if not actively addressed. However, as you seek resolution, the benefits will go beyond individuals at the table and will ultimately impact collaboration and organizational culture.

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