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October 29, 2018
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December 17, 2018


Strategic partner is a goal of every human resource consultant. If we want to position ourselves as a strategic partner for our clients, we must first convince the business owner that they have a need, then translate how our services address that need and impact the overall performance of their organization.

Many small business owners view the HR function as an administrative necessity, rather than a foundational element that drives the success of the organization. It is common for these organizations to respond to employment needs when they unfold, as opposed to a proactive approach that invests in employee development and performance.

Consultants must earn the right to provide counsel. Yes, references and success stories are valuable, but a client needs to feel that you understand their business and circumstances. It’s only then, that we, as a strategic partner, can present our deliverables and translate them into a client’s return on investment.

Overcoming this natural resistance to the investment in a consultant starts by assessing, measuring and documenting an organization’s existing workplace dynamics, such as:

  • skills and deployment of talent
  • employee engagement
  • output and performance metrics
  • workflow efficiencies

Then, armed with specific initiatives, translate how your services and your assessments of the organization will give them more control, a balanced work-life, and improved financial performance.

Propose initiatives that translate to a tangible return on investment, because this is where the rubber meets the road. You own your intellectual property, and your engagement can be efficiently packaged and integrated within a client’s daily operations through cloud-based platforms.

These initiatives are numerous in focus and content, and are not limited to:

  • leadership development
  • employee training
  • organizational efficiencies of processes and workflow
  • acquisition and deployment of talent
  • strategic planning

As a consultant, a prospective client must be convinced that they have a specific need that we, as a strategic partner, can resolve. Their pain can be measured in financial terms, oversight and control, or their work-life balance.

If your services can be the pain-killer, you will differentiate yourself and have unlimited opportunities.

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