October 19, 2021


Effective leaders display calm confidence and understand that building organizational support and cultural momentum takes time. Task oriented leaders must envision their company’s direction, and prevent apprehension or confusion with a detailed roadmap, clear expectations for all stakeholders, and specific organizational outcomes.

Leaders that are task-oriented take ownership for results and are motivated by accomplishments. They can be counted on to meet deadlines and objectives and are valued for their effective and efficient performance.

Task oriented leaders often struggle with delegating responsibilities, and their need to control outcomes might prevent them from fully developing the potential of their staff. They can be unaware that their enthusiasm for tasks can be overwhelming to others, and undermine team dynamics.

Task oriented leadersDo you resist releasing control? Have you become too dependent on achieving personal results? Does your drive for accomplishment confuse who owns the responsibility or ultimate success of a task?

Your answers should confront your task-driven motivation, and challenge you to evaluate your resistance to delegate.

If task oriented leaders are able to instill a task-driven mindset as a cultural norm, they will be able to release control, stand above the day-to-day transactions, and focus on broader leadership responsibilities.

All organizations need task-oriented talent, so let’s consider that middle management should own task responsibilities while leadership must establish a vision, and transition to a more relationship and diplomatic orientation.

Task oriented leaders must stand above their natural instincts and acknowledge the powerful energy of a healthy work environment where employees are confident, feel community, and develop loyalty to their work life team.

If organizations desire a culture that engages employees and drives performance, it requires a balance of leadership and management orientations.

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