A Consultant’s Dialogue in the Marketplace
October 4, 2019
Coaching Effective Supervisors
December 6, 2019


Selecting and developing supervisors is a universal need in the marketplace, and represents a major opportunity for consultants.

Our talking points to prospective clients must articulate how a supervisor’s natural instincts, reactions and overall behavior dramatically influences their effectiveness, and represents the focus and value of our consultation.

Consultants need more tools than just their perception of a supervisor’s natural instincts and behavior if they are going to successfully challenge and guide them toward excellence. Once a supervisor reaches the tipping-point of understanding and accepting the need for change, then you are positioned to coach them to success.

Selecting and Developing Supervisors

Selecting and developing supervisors does not mean we are in the business of changing a supervisor’s personality, however we must focus our messaging on the effect that their behavior has on performance, where results can be monitored and measured.

Here are some coaching opportunities that focus on how a supervisor might naturally react in specific circumstances, enabling them to pause and build their leadership style:

  • Professional boundaries are a critical concept for supervisors to establish organizational control between themselves and their direct reports, minimizing friction while focusing on performance.
  • Confidence as a supervisor is a rite of passage that is achieved by developing informed conclusions, garnering management support, and learning to implement decisively.
  • Building a team atmosphere is a combination of input, consensus, ownership, recognition, and celebration. Supervisors need coaching to build a formula and blend it into their leadership style.
  • Develop patterns on how they deliver feedback, displaying empathy and humility, while maintaining authority in a professional atmosphere.

As a consultant, are you prepared to coach supervisors on behavioral patterns that are essential and unique to each individual?

Evaluating employee and supervisor engagement with Visiam’s free assessment tools, in conjunction with your analysis, will position you to attract new clients as a strategic partner in addressing the critical need of selecting and developing supervisors.

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