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October 27, 2020
Relationship Oriented Leaders
November 20, 2020


Risk oriented leaders are the motivational energy for innovation and change that contributes to a culture that challenges the status-quo. They do not perceive “risk taking” as gambling, as they accept outcomes as information, not success or failure.

They feel that risk can be mitigated by uncovering the unknown’s, and once they are researched and answers are on the table, a path can be recommended as a logical alternative rather than a rash directional change.

Risk Oriented LeadersTriggers that impact the thought process of risk-oriented leadership may include:

  •       New technology, and how it applies to their organization.
  •       Customer needs that have evolved.
  •       Core competencies that can be combined, refined or redeployed.
  •       Complementary products or services
  •       Competitor strengths and advantages.

Risk oriented leaders must fight the tendency to overlook the brilliance of current operations as they are not typically motivated by micro improvements in performance.  They need to embrace relationships with talent that specializes in the detail, and celebrate their collaborative contributions.

Managers that take on this leadership role must develop the skills associated with building momentum, and avoid being seen as impatient, arrogant or reckless.  They must take on the responsibility that many new ideas never see the light of day because the risk oriented leader has not provided a clear path for implementation or generated the momentum required for organizational consensus.

They must acknowledge that any broad vision is made up of detailed small steps, and any impatience with research, discovery, and acceptance can undermine their value to the organization.

Risk oriented leaders that have the wisdom to navigate through these challenges with timing, diplomacy and clarity, will inspire engagement, teamwork, and political support.

In the next few posts, we will continue to discuss other “game changing” leadership orientations that organizations need to attract, develop and nurture.

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