Employee Engagement: Internal Communication
October 10, 2018
Organizational Communication with Boundaries
October 29, 2018


If you want to capture the attention of a business owner, you need to deliver solutions that impact their performance, increase control, and balance their lifestyle. This represents an opportunity for a consultant to focus and differentiate their offering.

As a consultant working to address these objectives, can you articulate a process to your prospective client that is tested, cost effective, and measurable?

Most organizations have a superficial image of their company’s current condition and what needs to be improved. From their perspective, recent performance dominates their mindset, without considering the underlying dynamics and impact of their company’s culture.

Performance Control LifestyleHerein lies the opportunity. Build a process to assess the current condition of the organization and workforce, using existing or “your” proprietary survey tools. Then, in conjunction with your client you can evaluate and focus on the underlying barriers to performance, control, and lifestyle.

By proposing a tangible process that you will deliver, your presentation gains credibility as well as an efficiency that can be scaled.

Consider the following challenges as opportunities to be addressed:

  • Building consensus among stakeholders
  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities, and expectations for each employee
  • Refining processes and procedures
  • Enhancing supervisor’s skills
  • Training and positioning employees to succeed

Develop and execute a communication strategy that is integrated with these strategic initiatives, but also focuses on:

  • Building community within the work environment
  • Enhancing corporate citizenship
  • Celebrating successes
  • Establishing expectations
  • Promoting personal development opportunities

After implementing strategic initiatives and executing a communication strategy to shape a culture of performance, it is critical to assess the improvement to the organization’s condition, utilizing surveys as well as operational metrics to measure your impact on the underlying barriers to performance.

Ultimately your client will measure your engagement based on their company’s new-found performance, control, and lifestyle.

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