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October 2, 2018
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October 19, 2018


An internal communication strategy that impacts employee engagement needs to be consistent and integrated into the normal processes and procedures of an organization. If it is not, a strategy will be short-lived, one-dimensional, and without impact.

Internal CommunicationThe Consultant’s opportunity

From a broad perspective, employees need a sense of inclusion, experience success in their jobs, and see opportunities for self-development.  A consultant’s opportunity is to package and implement a communication strategy that supports these key elements of employee engagement.

Communication strategies

Acknowledging that every organization is different, consultants can package and replicate a refined strategy that addresses the common elements of engagement.

What are some of the key elements consultants can use when implementing an internal communication strategy?

  • Celebrate examples of where individuals or departments have contributed and supported each other.
  • Empower employees with a knowledge of the organization’s performance metrics and challenges.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to not only communicate, but contribute upstream.


The Consultant’s deliverable

If the consultant’s goal is to devise an interactive communication strategy, they cannot influence a corporate culture without leveraging managers and supervisors by training them for this responsibility.

Managers and supervisors are the key ingredient for employee engagement, performance, and retention. They are not only the communication link between senior leadership and the rest of the organization, they are the consistency that sets the cultural tone.

A consultant’s strategy could include training for leaders, managers, and supervisors on:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Expectations and boundaries
  • Cultural dynamics


This is the opportunity for consultants and coaches!  Organizations need help from professionals that can deliver their services as a product that includes:

  • Assessments of an organization’s current condition
  • Training for employees, management and supervisors
  • Implementation of a communication strategy that supports employee engagement.

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