Employee Motivation and Engagement

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August 27, 2019
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October 4, 2019


If we really want to impact employee motivation and engagement, we should tap into the universal human desire to win. Even though organizational results are the goal, employees need to participate in short term challenges that inspire their competitive spirit.  Identify a challenge, enable them to experience a win, celebrate, and fuel their engagement.

Using short-term challenges to engage employees are more effective when…

  • The team identifies the challenge that is impacting their performance
  • The challenge must be within the control of a department or team
  • Focusing on improving a specific process, resource, or procedure
  • The challenge must have a measurable outcome
  • Every employee needs to feel the impact of the win

Employee Motivation and Engagement


Challenges will strengthen the business performance in a specific area by addressing a weakness or capturing an opportunity. Challenges will also encourage employee development and build teamwork, while leveraging the inherent desire to win.

Management or a consultant’s involvement in facilitating the identification of a challenge requires open discussion with boundaries so the participants remain focused on winnable results that:


  • Focus on the present and future opportunities
  • Concentrate on what is within their control
  • Deliver short term results

Since these challenges need to come from within the team or department to have the greatest impact, team members are more apt to own the challenge and deliver results. Examples of areas of improvement may include:

  • Bottlenecks that impact a process
  • Internal communication obstacles
  • Employee access to resources and information

Enabling teams to document their success and present their results to management or to other departments become part of the win, and the trigger for employee motivation and engagement. The culmination of these challenges is a celebration that promotes employee visibility.

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