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August 31, 2022
Value Proposition for Professional Services, Chapter 1
August 31, 2022


As consultants and business owners, you know that trying to be everything to everyone is a losing value proposition for yourself and your client.

By concentrating on a specific value proposition and focusing your efforts on a defined market with a refined set of skills, you will deliver better results for your clients, isolate yourself from competition, and significantly increase your margins.

Converting your subject matter expertise into a product format that can be replicated and effectively delivered, can provide a clarity to your services and value that will be readily apparent to your prospect.

This will avoid the “commodity” label, as your product offering should enable you to relate to your client’s circumstances with specific solutions to their challenges.

Since we are no longer distracted by the illusion that profits can be made by engaging in one-off opportunities that are outside of a specialized offering, you can now approach your marketplace by attracting clients that are facing the specific challenges where you have designed a repeatable turn-key solution.

Your mission should be to elevate how your clients value your services by providing measurable results, which in turn will cultivate ambassadors that endorse you to their community with the credibility that only they can provide.

As consultants, the best way to increase your visibility in your target market is to leverage your successful client engagements via articles, or podcasts. These proof sources will trigger a transition where you will find yourself being introduced into new and rewarding opportunities. Now, with the use of cloud-based technology you will not only be able to deliver your services remotely throughout a much larger geographic area, but also expand your visibility by remaining virtually engaged.

We want to be paid for results rather than by the hour, so let’s become the authority surrounding specific challenges that organizations face. With a refined and packaged set of deliverables, we can focus and attract clients where we can profitably impact their organizational needs with measurable results.

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