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August 31, 2022
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August 31, 2022


Effective supervisors are an essential factor for organizational performance, and supervisor assessments are an important diagnostic tool to understand a prospective client and their supervisors, while also providing a foundation for good counsel.We cannot always assume that supervisors are naturally equipped to achieve the best results from their team. But we do know they play a significant role when carrying out the mission of the organization by setting clear expectations, overseeing workflow, and assuring that employees have the resources necessary to perform.

As a third party, consultants can come alongside supervisors and coach them on specific skills and mindsets to improve their effectiveness.

Consider the following:

  • Self-assessment – Effective supervisors need to understand their strengths, weaknesses, expectations and doubts, and be challenged on how each of these attributes will impact their management style.
  • Clarify responsibilities – Supervisors must implement the company mission, know how their department fits within the organization, and recognize the specific expectations from leadership.
  • Evaluate performance – A supervisor assessment of an existing operation can be facilitated by a consultant, and can include the measurements of time, costs, quality, milestones, efficiencies, and workflow.
  • Documentation – Supervisors need a foundation of documented processes and procedures, along with roles and responsibilities.
  • Change – Implementing change requires skill, and goes beyond developing and documenting requirements, and establishing expected results. Has the supervisor cultivated the buy-in from their staff, and do they understand the importance of communication throughout transitions?
  • Supervisors as a coach – Ultimately, supervisors need coaching skills, with the goal to develop the talent of their staff and build their team.
  • Becoming a leader – The key difference between an effective supervisor and a leader is that supervisors typically task-oriented, while leaders anticipate challenges and create opportunities. Consultants play a vital mentoring role in this transformation.

These challenges represent a great opportunity for HR consultants. Visiam currently offers a free supervisor assessment tool, and in conjunction with your analysis, will expose supervisor development opportunities and position you as a strategic partner in achieving improved performance outcomes.

We invite you to offer a free assessment to a prospective client as a path to a long-term relationship. For more information, please visit us on LinkedIn.

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