Rainmaking for Professional Services, Chapter 4
August 31, 2022
Rainmaking for Professional Services, Chapter 2
August 31, 2022


Networking or Rainmaking is not about selling.  Let me explain …

I never did well in history classes that focused on names, dates, and events.  However, if the discussion laid the foundation with economic, political, or social forces that propelled those events, I was captivated. It is the same way with networking for relationships.  If I know your journey, what you or your business has overcome, the dangers and opportunities that are looming, it becomes the foundation for all our interaction.

NetworkingA speaker from a long time ago proposed that everyone is refined by significant emotional events in their life. Most of us can remember those events like they were yesterday and although some of them will remain very private, while other events, when shared, can generate the interaction that propels transparency.

This brings us to the practical application of asking questions that can lead to a conversation of significance. There are many networking approaches, however for me, I have asked the following question thousands of times:

“You’ve come a long way, could you tell me about your journey?”

This type of question is respectful, and the ensuing conversation provides a vision of how you can support them, and whom they might be able to serve. Relationships of trust are galvanized when circumstances require urgency.  I call these “Moments of Truth.”  If we roll up our sleeves and serve them in a time of need, we are creating an atmosphere that may initiate a lasting relationship and ultimately an ambassador.  Nurturing an ambassador relationship will also require a mutual respect of each other’s professional journey and an open exchange of insights and counsel.

So be alert, as “Moments of Truth” do not present themselves often, and their value should not be measured by their immediate financial benefit.  These types of interactions build a collaborative ownership of each other’s success.

Ultimately, true ambassadors will continuously endorse you to their community for their community’s benefit, and become your ultimate networking partner.  For more information, please click here and visit us on LinkedIn.


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