Rainmaking for Professional Services, Chapter 4

Value Proposition for Professional Services, Chapter 1
August 31, 2022
Rainmaking Networking
Rainmaking for Professional Services, Chapter 3
August 31, 2022


If you want to improve your rainmaking results, you need to intentionally start by changing your rainmaking habits.

Most of us have watched the calendar year turn over and we find ourselves repeating the same experiences over-and-over.  It is very easy to become entrapped by the gravity of “status quo”, and although many of us strive to build routines within our lives, we grow during periods of change.

As we look back over our journey’s we can identify significant emotional events that have influenced how we conduct ourselves.  They were not all comfortable, however many initiated positive changes.  Granted, external forces cause most transitions, such as an appraisal, a confrontation, or a setback, which begs the question; must we experience tough times to refine ourselves?

Here are some alternatives that can stimulate change, and how we can apply them to the topic of rainmaking:

  • consistently interact with thought leaders
  • build a trusted community of advisors
  • request feedback that will refine, not just reward your performance

Rainmaking habits

Now, alongside our community of supporters, let’s discuss re-tooling our rainmaking habits within an effective process that aligns with our wiring and work environment.

We all struggle with balancing our time between running a business, serving clients, and our personal lives.  However, a consistent investment in a process of business development is the engine that insures the future.

Converting your rainmaking habits into a process starts by isolating and dedicating time each week where you focus on activities that become the catalyst for business development.

Everyone’s rainmaking process will be different, but if I am honest with myself, I know what contributes to my business development, versus what is comfortable yet accomplishes nothing.  So, with a mindset of service, I address the following fundamental activities every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon of every week:

  • drive one existing relationship deeper
  • make five introductions for current contacts
  • reach out to five new contacts
  • contribute to your professional communities

Throughout the week, I look for opportunities to deepen relationships, make introductions, meet new people, and contribute.  These activities are not independent silos, as they integrate with each other to create rainmaking momentum. Random acts typically do not translate into opportunities, however by concentrating on a core strategy you will experience a wave of visibility and curiosity that did not originate from a single conversation.  When this happens, and it will, you must be prepared to present your value in a precise and passionate way.

Accumulate a rainmaking backlog of to-do’s that you can act upon within the time isolated for these activities. Stay alert for opportunities within your community where your capabilities, along with a sincere mindset of service will shape lasting relationships.

This is not a sprint, it is a life style.

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