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August 31, 2022
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August 31, 2022


The value of an organizational assessment is undeniable as it creates a unified strategic direction within the organization’s culture. As it is crucial for leadership to consistently listen for the perspectives of their audience, Visiam’s Organizational Assessment provides a way for employees to provide their opinions as a group on subjects like customer service, communication, or company culture.

Internal communication is a two-way street and leadership must be alert to insights from within the organization. And, while your management structure functions as a natural funnel for employee feedback and ideas, there is a potential that underlying concerns are naturally filtered and counterpoints are not allowed to surface.

The larger the organization the more critical it is to implement a process to capture and consolidate the opinions of an employee community. And when group perspectives are anonymous and summarized, they cannot be easily dismissed.

Each of your employees has a unique vision of the organization. They recognize obstacles and often consider how their work environment could be made more efficient and effective. And, when there are united voices that identify an elephant in the room, it deserves leadership’s attention.

The purpose a companywide organizational assessment is not only to confront the status quo, but to identify opportunities for discovery, and contribute to a collaborative culture that focuses on solutions. By embracing an independent summarized assessment of your employee’s
perspectives, you will avoid a defensive or confrontational environment, and will position a collaborative approach to solutions.


What can an organizational assessment of all employees reveal?

• Is there a corporate focus on quality and efficiency?
• Do vendor relationships need attention?
• Are team interactions effective?
• Are employees appropriately trained?
• Do employees feel they have an impact on relationships?

An assessment of your employees or groups of employees will cut through natural boundaries and silos that exist within the company.

Please request access to Visiam’s free assessments from our website or contact us if you would like our input on how to maximize the value of a soft-skills assessment.

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