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Leadership Orientation Assessment

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August 31, 2022
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August 31, 2022


Visiam’s leadership orientation assessment is a powerful tool for existing leaders or managers to determine their natural leadership orientation. Whether an individual is preparing for a leadership role or has been in a position of leadership for a period of time, they must be aware of the consequences of allowing an existing mindset to dominate their leadership style.

For example, a diplomatic mindset may approach a leadership responsibility differently than a detailed or task driven approach. An individual trained as a manager may focus on planning, organizing, or controlling, while an effective leader must create a vision that energizes and transforms.

Managers who plan to transition into a leadership role must realize that their development starts long before the switch is flipped. This involves a significant transformation that does not happen in a moment. By recognizing an individual’s natural leadership orientation, they will be challenged to balance their instincts and embrace other leadership qualities as they lead their organization into the future.

All of us are creatures of habit, and without committing to a self-imposed intervention we will default into leadership habits that are driven only by our natural wiring, comfort zone, and personal experiences.

As an HR consultant, let’s maximize a leader’s potential by first seeking to understand their unique perspectives and perceptions. Our leadership orientation assessment will confront individuals with an objective evaluation and position them to seek and accept your good counsel.

Leadership styles will be refined over time, and confidence will come from a blend of personal experience, insights from experts, modeled behavior of mentors, and the influence from good counsel.

Visiam’s leadership orientation assessment enables HR professionals and consultants to present specific data to evaluate a leader’s natural orientation, along with comparison of those results to national averages.

Please request access to our free assessments from our website or contact us if you would like our input on how to maximize the value of a soft-skills assessment.

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