Employee Soft-Skills are Vital for Organizational Performance
July 11, 2019
Employee Motivation and Engagement
September 12, 2019


Do soft skills drive employee engagement and ultimately organizational performance? To address this, we can all acknowledge that supervisors have a tremendous influence on organizational culture, however, just as important are the individual soft skills of the community of employees.

If employees, individually, and as members of their community improve their abilities to listen, communicate, influence, resolve problems, and address conflict, they contribute to an environment that supports the employee experience.

As professional consultants we need to lay the foundation with our clients that soft skills drive employee engagement and are key to organizational performance. Knowing there may be a natural skepticism to invest time and resources into interpersonal skills, employee assessments or surveys provide a tool to overcome resistance by identifying the specific outliers that drive employee engagement.

Assessment results must translate into actionable information, providing consultation opportunities that may range from basic administrative functions, such as documentation of roles and responsibilities, to a specific focus on interpersonal skills that will impact the employee engagement environment of an organization.

Employee assessments and your analysis will expose disparities, deficiencies, or opportunities that confront your client, creating a tipping point that enables you to offer solutions and position you as a strategic partner in achieving performance outcomes.

Soft Skills drive Employee Engagement

So, to answer our initial question, yes, soft skills absolutely drive employee engagement and ultimately organizational performance. Specifically, soft skills are a necessary component to build trust, team accountability and organizational confidence, enabling employees to have a voice, feel productive, and respect each other?

Do you want to be a “Change Agent” for organizational performance? If so, start by assessing a client’s workforce, focusing on the interpersonal skills of your client’s employees and their supervisors.

Visiam’s free soft skills assessment tool, in conjunction with your analysis, will expose employee development opportunities and position you as a strategic partner in achieving improved performance outcomes.

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