Building Trust through Leadership
April 30, 2020
Leadership Margin
September 25, 2020


Leadership confidence cannot be purchased off the shelf, and although it might appear to come naturally to some, it is not part of our DNA.

The first step on your journey to develop leadership confidence is to understand your natural leadership orientation. This perspective will provide insight into what you will encounter as you strive to build trust, expectations, and employee accountability.

Understanding the mental and physical elements of leadership confidence, and how they blend with your leadership orientation, will position you to:

  • Cultivate a confident presence in your speech, eye contact, and body language.
  • Anticipate and prepare yourself for the common leadership challenges you will inevitably encounter.
  • Develop a consistent demeanor that communicates clear expectations.

Common examples include:

Leadership Confidence


  • A relationship-oriented leadership style that must anticipate and build appropriate interpersonal boundaries with their staff.
  • A task-oriented leadership style that can easily be pulled back into doing rather than managing their staff through coaching and delegation.
  • The leadership journey often requires uncomfortable soul-searching, and in most cases the insight and support of a coach or consultant.


Being aware of our leadership tendencies is a critical step in our personal development.

Are you vulnerable to any of these tendencies that could impact your leadership confidence?

  • A diplomatic orientation that avoids confrontation at the expense of clarity and urgency.
  • A transformational leader that is impatient and not sensitive to the risk of changing course faster than their staff is prepared for.
  • A visionary leader that cannot stay at the table long enough to focus on leveraging the organization’s core competencies.

In the short-run a leader may deliver good results, but over the long-haul you will need to build the trust, expectations, and accountability of your staff to sustain a high-level of performance.

In the next few posts, we will introduce Visiam’s Leadership Orientation assessment and discuss specific “game changing” mindsets that leaders should embrace, depending on their natural leadership tendencies.

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