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June 10, 2021
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September 10, 2021


The elegance of operations requires an intentional and balanced strategy of the core competencies of quality, efficiency, and responsiveness, which must be integrated within the company’s culture, and define its brand image.

At a basic level, quality is typically measured by comparison, however we must ultimately look beyond what exists in the marketplace and measure our organizations against what is possible without self-imposed boundaries.

The elegance of operationsEfficiency is a blend of resources, tools, and talent that enables the organization to innovate processes and maximize flexibility within a fluid environment. More than any other competency, efficiency is the most difficult competitive advantage to replicate, and an intellectual advantage that must be protected.

Responsiveness must be looked at from a variety of perspectives. Are transactions comfortable and quick? Can employees and clients resolve questions easily? What is your visibility, and how much time and effort does it take for you to engage?

Documented and repeatable processes are the tipping point between acceptable and exceptional performance, which provides a strategic margin that contributes toward the elegance of operations. What steps within each process can be combined, re-organized, re-engineered, and measured for a sustainable competitive advantage?

A culture that internalizes the elegance of operations will create performance expectations, encourage innovative thought, and effectively integrate new employees.

When employees feel pride of ownership, experience personal growth, and have confidence in leadership, they become the driving force supporting these specific organizational priorities. Who is willing to accept good counsel and take responsibility?

Visiam offers free assessments to capture the insights of employees and supervisors as a fundamental resource to measure the employee experience and its impact on company culture.

Please request access to Visiam’s free assessments on our website, or contact us if you would like our input on how to maximize their value.

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