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Selling Professional Services as a Product
June 4, 2018
Role of Supervisors
July 2, 2018


Employees have an innate need to feel part of something bigger than themselves. If an employee understands how their specific responsibilities contribute to the overall mission of the organization and feel part of their “at work” community in support of an organization that conducts itself as a good corporate citizen, they will engage.

Supervisors and first line managers are critical to cultivate and maintain engaged employees while reinforcing corporate communication. However, it is understandable that they naturally focus on the task at hand and do not invest in employee engagement as the foundation for performance. Once a supervisor understands this opportunity and their responsibility to create the atmosphere for employee engagement, they must be given the training and blueprint to implement a strategy.

Employees that work within a culture that promotes employee engagement are more inclined to have a personal connection with the success of their organization, which provides a competitive advantage at many levels. Winning is the best affirmation and cultivates an emotional bond between the participants and the organization and moves the “Us” dial the most.

While we can’t force colleagues to become friends, we can facilitate the opportunity for employees to make personal commitments and connections to each other, which creates a secure environment for another component of employee engagement, personal goals and development.

Employee are acknowledged and feel affirmed when the organization invests in them and assigns new responsibilities and challenges. Experience, skills and knowledge are valuable commodities for both the individual and their employer.

This is the opportunity for consultants and coaches! Many organizations have the budget and time to develop supervisors, but many small to medium size businesses cannot. Organizations need help from professionals that can bring awareness and the right formula of training, coaching and operational communication to truly impact employee engagement and organizational culture. For more information, please click here and visit us on LinkedIn.

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