Implementing Employee Engagement Assessments

The Role of Communication in Employee Engagement
June 12, 2019
Employee Soft-Skills are Vital for Organizational Performance
July 11, 2019


If you were to review our recent blogs on assessments, you are familiar with our discussion on the value of implementing employee engagement assessments to expand your conversations with prospective clients.

We have also discussed the critical impact that employee engagement, in tandem with supervisory skills, can have on the performance and financial results of an organization.

As a review, employee engagement can be broken down into the following components that directly impact corporate performance:

  • Supervisory skills
  • Personal development opportunities
  • Cultural environment
  • Internal communication
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Confidence in leadership

Let’s discuss some practical ways to apply assessments into your marketing strategy as a consultant.

Implementing Employee Engagement AssessmentsWhen a prospective client mentions employee morale, organizational performance, or their own work-life balance, it opens a door. Offering and implementing employee engagement assessments with a prospective client for free, cuts through a natural investment resistance, but more important, it drives the conversation deeper.

For example, if the “Employee Assessment” identifies that employees cannot articulate their future within the company, or that they are uncomfortable within their work environment, you as the consultant have an opportunity to lead the discussion toward solutions that deliver ROI.

We have also delved into the pivotal position that supervisors represent, and their critical impact on employee engagement. When the “Supervisor Assessment” suggests that supervisory skills or specific management processes need to be refined, the consultant has an open opportunity to engage leadership in developing solutions.

Visiam’s free employee engagement assessment is a valuable offering, as it generates significant insights that will confront leadership on the health of an organization, enabling you to leverage your experience and counsel.

Auditing an organization’s employee engagement with Visiam’s free assessment tools, in conjunction with your analysis, will expose challenges and opportunities, positioning you as a strategic partner in achieving improved performance outcomes for your clients.

Please request access to Visiam’s free assessments on our home page, and contact us if you would like our input on how to maximize their use.

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