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October 29, 2018
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June 4, 2022


Proof sources for human resource consultants are a critical component for client development. When leveraged with your professional assessment of a prospective client’s work environment, proof sources connect issues impacting employee engagement to organizational performance.

Proof sources may include research or third-party endorsements that will justify an investment in the solutions you are presenting to your client. As an example, prospective clients will react to relevant experiences from organizations who have faced similar challenges and are from the same industry or size of company.

In many cases the consultant is competing against the daily organizational norms, so proof sources are critical to validate your insights and solutions, overcoming a prospect’s resistance to change.

proof sourcesAs a professional that specializes in employee engagement and performance, do you have a packaged set of proof sources and solutions that you can effectively deliver as a product? Auditing an organization’s employee engagement with Visiam’s free assessment tools, in conjunction with your analysis, will expose inconsistencies, deficiencies, or opportunities, positioning you as a strategic partner in achieving improved performance outcomes. Employee engagement does not need to be a vague concept to your prospective client, as it can be defined by a combination of specific components and proven solutions, such as:

  • Supervisor relationship
  • Confidence in Leadership
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Corporate culture and work life
  • Internal communication
  • Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities

As an example, a key driver of employee engagement are the skills of an organization’s supervisors, and if the assessment identifies supervisory skills as an opportunity to improve corporate performance, your client will jump on it. There is no magic potion to change how supervisors think, however it is your personal brand, tested solutions, and proof sources that gives you the credibility and authority to implement a set of guidelines and processes that can become the organizational norm.

Use Visiam’s free employee engagement assessment tools to bring a prospective client to a tipping-point where they acknowledge opportunities to improve performance, control, or work-life balance, opening the conversation to your initiatives or solutions that will deliver a significant ROI.

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