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Vision oriented leaders are naturally focused on the future of their organization. Are they able to articulate this vision and debate its relevance and value? Are they surrounded by complementary leadership styles that can challenge, support, and implement their vision?

Vision oriented leadersVision oriented leaders must challenge themselves to communicate the why, what, and how of their vision, to assure that it becomes part of the daily vocabulary within the organizational culture. The messaging must be clear, because if the vision is misunderstood or vague, it will never become a driving force within your company’s culture.

A vision implies a significant transition that needs to be tangible by defining phases that engage employees and build momentum. A vision that is well communicated will energize individuals, encourage employee development, and propel innovation. Do employees see purpose? Are they challenged?

As leaders, we must acknowledge that the vision you create will be the fundamental influence that drives the cultural priorities, energy, and the commitment of your employee community.

Employees will experience victory if you create an environment where they understand organizational direction and the value of their personal contribution. Leadership is responsible to build a vision and integrate it into the company’s culture through clear expectations and consistent communication, and mutual respect. Involve employees in establishing common goals, positioning them for group success and a shared celebration of accomplishments.

Vision oriented leaders can avoid complacency and impatience by consistently refining challenges and opportunities to maintain organizational engagement.

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