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January 20, 2021
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The velocity of the marketplace has changed.  Product awareness, research, comparison, and the speed of transaction is at our fingertips, and decisions are made in a moment.

A clear expression of your company’s core strengths should remain the foundational theme throughout your market communication. No matter what type of product or service you offer, a continuous internal dialogue on core competencies will naturally lead to refinement and the ability to quickly articulate and communicate your value.

Build awareness for your value with a clear, concise, and repetitive communication strategy that reaches your marketplace.

Let’s start by restating a reality. The noise in your marketplace will dilute your message, and you need a mindset to continuously evaluate, refresh, and re-ignite your marketing efforts.

The velocity of the marketplace

  • What is the unique value of your product or service?
  • How do your clients find you?
  • What words or images of your offering trigger interest?
  • What factors trigger a purchase?
  • What trends are you watching?

With these insights and an understanding of the velocity of the marketplace, you will be able to reposition the presentation of your value, build visibility and momentum, and align with the speed of buying decisions.

With this as a foundation, focus on your visibility by expanding your combined network of business, personal, and social media relationships. They can be a pivotal resource as ambassadors, connectors, or collaborators to expand your visibility. Also, take the time to equip your employee community with the confidence to articulate the company’s value. If all of these relationships are aware of the significance of your brand, they will be alert to make introductions and connections.

Another effective form of creating visibility is through public relations as media outlets are looking to highlight success stories or a community connection. Newspapers and magazines are constantly looking for stories about organizations that are innovative and successful.

Refresh your online and social media presence.  Are you findable, and do they offer proof of your value with detailed descriptions of completed projects, videos on the application of your product or services, and testimonials of satisfied customers?

As the velocity of the marketplace brings opportunities, evaluate your client engagement process with significant attention given to first impressions. Whether online or in person, create an encounter that is responsive with the goal of engaging them in an ongoing dialogue about their needs and your value. Be sensitive that our society has become more impatient, so we must meet or exceed their expectations for information and service.

Satisfied, retained, or repeat customers are a natural and effective growth strategy, as they can be your greatest ambassadors. Reintroduce yourself periodically, as many will appreciate being updated on improvements or adjustments to your product or services. Ask them to be a reference, as they will be pleased to advocate for your success. They should feel respected by your personalized communication, and never feel overlooked as the pace of business continues to accelerate.

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