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January 14, 2020
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March 13, 2020


Business owners must have a clear vision of a supervisor’s journey before they can truly evaluate their development needs. They must be convinced that the effectiveness of their supervisors can be taken to another performance level before a solution is considered.

As discussed in our series of blogs, Rainmaking for Professional Services, a consultant could brand themselves as a subject matter expert on the generic behaviors and mindsets of supervisors, with the goal of driving an ongoing dialog in the marketplace, encompassing many concepts that face supervisors, such as:

  • The desire for friendship versus respect.

The desire to be liked is deeply ingrained in just about everyone. Often the fear of not being liked drives the decisions that supervisors make on a day-to-day basis. This innate driver is a problem that overrides the need to be respected in the workplace. If a supervisor values likeability over respectability, they will lose influence along with their focus on corporate performance.

  • The balance of consensus versus decisiveness.

Leadership cannot be delegated, and although a supervisor might need the insight of their staff, ultimately, they cannot abdicate decisions. The boundaries between seeking input, building consensus, and making a bold call requires an understanding of the ramifications of each, and ultimately will define them as a leader.

  • Blending the routine of daily tasks with the broader corporate view.

Supervisors can become comfortable focusing on the accuracy and implementation of day-to-day tasks, and become isolated from interacting and engaging with the overall goals of the organization.

The more clarity you as a consultant can bring to the challenges of a supervisor’s journey, not only builds your credibility but your prospective client will naturally align each challenge to specific supervisors within their organization. It is at this tipping-point that a client recognizes the cost and risk of a supervisor’s mindset, and will value your solutions.

What will validate you as a professional, is your ability to conduct yourself as an extension of the management team, and transitions your engagement from an assessment of organizational challenges, to the implementation of solutions.

Visiam currently offers free assessments as diagnostic and marketing tools to address employee engagement, a supervisor’s journey, and organizational performance. It is our hope that through this experience consultants will see opportunities to deliver their service as a tangible product.

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