The Value of Employee Assessments
January 7, 2019
The Importance of Your Personal Brand
March 25, 2019


Measuring employee engagement with a professional assessment tool will produce beneficial outcomes for you as a consultant, your clients, and their employees.

First and foremost, a free assessment is a no obligation offer that can open doors and drive specific discussions with a prospective client. Organizational leadership is so focused on revenue and expense pressures, they are unable to accurately access the cultural alignment between employees, company leadership, and opportunities.

Measuring Employee Engagement

At a foundational level, measuring employee engagement will promote a greater dialogue between employees and management.

Assessment results reveal specific strengths that can be leveraged, and weaknesses where training or coaching can provide improvement.

Those cultural characteristics will focus on many topics, such as:

  • Clearly defined roles that enable contribution to organizational success
  • Enablement of employees with resources to do their job
  • Personal value established through respect and appreciation
  • Personal development that challenges employees
  • The need for a clear career path through opportunities
  • The importance of community among peers
  • Necessary supervisory skills that support and empower
  • Leadership that providers organizational direction
  • Development of corporate pride

Assessment results for a particular company will generate statistical measurements, however, dissecting employee reactions to the assessment results with your client will determine your engagement strategy.

As an example, combining the result of statements dealing with “Personal Development” and comparing those results to other engagement characteristics will quickly highlight the outliers. Ultimately it will drill down to employee reactions to specific statements that will build consensus with your client to implement initiatives for improvement.

A consultant can bring further evidence in support of employee engagement initiatives by contrasting a client’s assessment results to similar companies by industry or employment.

Measuring employee engagement in conjunction with your analysis will expose inconsistencies, deficiencies, or opportunities, enabling you to offer solutions to your client and position you as a strategic partner in achieving improved performance outcomes.

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