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December 23, 2020
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February 17, 2021


There are limits to the degree that individual influence has over organizational leadership. However, it is possible.

When you see a challenge within your work environment, are you prepared to bring awareness to the opportunity?  Do you have the desire to invest time and effort to be the energy behind an influential process? Do you consider yourself a student or advocate for efficiency, quality, or teamwork?

By developing the skills and building your confidence to influence people in authority, you become an indispensable force that will have a long-term impact on your value, no matter what environment you are in.

Consider that your influence within interpersonal interactions can lead discussions, build consensus, and dilute resistance by:

Individual Influence

  • Discovering perspectives.
  • Seeking common ground and compromise.
  • Sharing authorship.
  • Creating momentum with your supervisor, mentors, and advocates.
  • Making adjustments with perseverance.

With the support of your supervisor, be prepared to present the logic for change, along with options for implementation.

Anticipate and deal with resistance, knowing that there is a path to integrate or overcome most obstacles, verses simply abandoning your efforts. This may require making strategic adjustments, or re-packaging of the concept to garner broader support.

Individual influence does not always deliver immediate impact, as change takes time and perseverance. So, focus on the long term and celebrate the people and processes that are thriving, while continuing to maintain awareness on opportunities that affect your workplace environment.

Influence is based on the communication of logic.  The challenge is to reduce the impact of indifference, ownership and routine.

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