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December 6, 2019
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February 6, 2020


The amount of dollars spent on consulting engagements by corporate America is a staggering figure as organizations are constantly looking for external expertise to help them address challenges and leverage opportunities facing their organization.

Large consulting firms can invest significant talent to analyze a company’s financials, and consolidate countless hours of personal interviews surrounding a client’s internal performance, their value proposition, and relationships in the marketplace.

Granted, large consulting firms rest on their brand to acquire opportunities and can offer an army of talent. Whereas, independent consulting engagements rely on their personal credibility, practical solutions, and cost-effective implementation.

Small to medium sized organizations need consultants to be more cost effective. How can we as independent consultants make an informed diagnosis and efficiently deliver solutions without the resources and numerous personal hours required to consolidate relevant information and bridge the natural communication barriers that exist between departments, levels of management, and customers?

For independent consultants, consulting engagements must replace hours of interviews with diagnostic tools that not only build credibility with a client, but leads them to a tipping point where they are willing to engage in a candid discussion on the solutions that will impact their company’s performance.

Once your Consulting Engagementsprospective client is confronted with a consolidated and measurable assessment of their operations, they will be more open to discuss and expand upon their concerns, opinions, and expectations, enabling a transparent examination of solutions.

What will differentiate the independent consultant is their ability to conduct themselves as an extension of the management team that transitions from the diagnostics of organizational challenges, to the implementation of solutions.

Visiam currently offers free marketing and diagnostic tools to address engagement, supervision, and performance. It is our hope that through this experience consultants will see opportunities to deliver their service as a tangible product on the Visiam platform, enabling them to remain virtually integrated within your client’s operation.

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