Value Proposition for Professional Services, Chapter 1
December 19, 2018
Measuring Employee Engagement
January 28, 2019


The value of Employee Assessments as a marketing tool? If you as a consultant agree that employee engagement is a powerful predictor for HR and performance outcomes, wouldn’t you like to provide your client employee assessments that reliably identify specific irregularities or opportunities?

Designed correctly, an assessment experience should provide a tipping-point for your prospective client to acknowledge a need, enabling you to introduce solutions that will impact their performance, control, or work-life balance.

Employee assessments typically collect responses or reactions to statements, and ranks them to other responses based on their importance and deviation from a baseline. Providing the same assessments to a client over time allows the consultant an important baseline to measure trends within an individual company.

Employee Assessments

However, if you do not have a year-to-year baseline from which to compare results, how can you quickly identify the best opportunity for consultation? Comparing your client’s results to the same employee assessment that has been taken across specific industries, geographies, or company sizes, can provide the valuable baseline for comparison that delivers actionable direction.

Employee assessments and survey questions or statements need to be specific to the experiences of each employee and should address the following themes:

  • Defined Roles – Do you understand how you contribute to organizational success?
  • Enabled – Do you have the resources to do your job?
  • Personal Value – Do you feel respected and appreciated?
  • Personal Development – Are you challenged and growing?
  • Career Path – Do you see clear career opportunities?
  • Work life – Do you feel community between your peers?
  • Supervisors – Do you feel they coach, support, and empower?
  • Leadership – Do you have confidence in organizational direction?
  • Corporate Citizenship – Are you proud of the organization?

The employee assessment and your analysis should expose disparities, deficiencies, or opportunities, enabling you to offer solutions to your client and position you as a strategic partner in achieving performance outcomes.

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