What does Visiam do?

Visiam provides human resource professionals and consultants online tools to evaluate the human dynamics that impact cultural engagement within an organization, and ultimately its performance.
Visiam’s Employee, Supervisor, and Leadership assessments challenge the status quo of an organization, positioning consultants with the insight and authority to engage clients in a discussion surrounding specific solutions that will impact their organization.
We invite you to review our blogs that address how our assessments can be implemented into the marketing and presentation of your professional services. Here we also promote strategies to scale and monetize your value by packaging and virtually delivering your services as a product.    OUR MISSION

A Consultants Marketing Journey

Establishing credibility in the marketplace provides us the authority to speak with organizations concerning their cultural effectiveness.
However, it is only after a client is confident that you understand their unique circumstances that you are allowed to clarify their needs, seek solutions, and set expectations.
If you agree that all organizations face challenges, Visiam’s diagnostic tools and your transparent conversation will yield opportunities.

Marketing Engagement

Whether organizational assessments are used as a free offering or a companion product to your services, it is our experience that Visiam’s assessments will position you with credible measurements of a client’s cultural and operational effectiveness.
Assessment results, when compared with national averages, identify specific challenges and opportunities that are unique to each organization.
These detailed outcomes lead to transparent conversations focused on the internal dynamics of an organization, and ultimately a decision to invest in solutions.