Policies and Procedures

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Building a Consultative Process

When addressing performance issues within an organization it is easy to jump to solutions before the client has acknowledged the need. This is common, but can be overcome with a systematic process that positions your credibility, identifies performance opportunities, and motivates your client to support change.
Once you have identified specific performance improvement opportunities, you can measure the potential impact your solutions will have on growth, profit, and control.
Do you have an effective system for evaluating, presenting, and implementing process and procedural solutions to existing and prospective clients?

Impacting Performance

When evaluating the process and procedural needs of a prospective client, it is often difficult for a client to step back from their daily routine and see the big picture. There are many strategies to discover opportunities for improvement, including feedback from clients, front-line employees, or creating flowcharts of existing workflows.
Armed with this evidence, your interaction with a client can quickly focus on barriers to performance and profit.

The Problem with Paper

Dependence on paper is a tremendous obstacle when building efficiencies within an organization.
Paper-based documents and data moving throughout an organization naturally create bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Visiam believes that organizations can effectively neutralize these barriers to operational performance. .
“…the data employees need exists somewhere in the company in some form. They just can’t readily put their hands on it”.
Bill Gates