As a consultant, are you prepared to coach supervisors on behavioral patterns that are essential and unique to each individual?
Coaching opportunities that focus on how a supervisor might naturally react in specific circumstances enables them to pause and build their leadership style.
Evaluating employee and supervisor engagement with Visiam’s free assessment tools, in conjunction with your analysis, will position you to attract new clients as a strategic partner in addressing the critical need of selecting and developing supervisors.

Coaching Momentum

Many business owners do not have a budget for training, nor can they afford for their employees to take time off from work for courses on team participation, leadership, or interpersonal skills.
So, has employee selection and on-the-job experience become the only realistic options for most entrepreneurs?
Integrating short follow up messages to employees, while they are actively involved in their jobs, will not only support new habits, but also create corporate dialogue.
To support this, Visiam offers a comprehensive collection of “training bursts” that focus on interpersonal skills and business concepts within our performance platform.