Rainmaking, Taking stock of Existing Relationships part 3

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May 3, 2018
Building a Rainmaking Process part 2
May 4, 2018


Why should we take stock of our existing relationships?

Because, their world is a complex network of relationships and responsibilities. And if you want to be invited in, there are expectations and obligations associated with that responsibility.

Taking inventory of our business relationships can be humbling. The list might be short if you are just getting started, however after asking these three simple questions we may find our existing business relationships need work.

Are you aware of your contacts personal journey, what they have overcome or achieved, and their current challenges?

Are you on their short-list of people to call in a crisis?

Would they introduce you to their best friend for their best friends benefit?

Successful rainmakers understand their contacts world, which enables them to interact in a meaningful and influential way.

Some relationships will never go beyond the superficial or be able to reciprocate. However, the short list that does will become a foundation of your rainmaking process. The unique thing about it is, in today’s virtual world you might never meet these relationships face-to-face.

Since I have a predisposition toward being an introvert, I realize that I can get exhausted with casual and guarded conversations. So, the faster I can build transparency and confidence the more I am drawn to their world.

For me it started by initiating conversations with a simple set of questions that moved our relationship toward … a transparent and confidential environment, and access to contacts and resources.

Our next step will be to discuss those questions and move this concept into practice by identifying specifics that may work for you.

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