Building a Rainmaking Process part 2

Rainmaking, Taking stock of Existing Relationships part 3
May 4, 2018
Rainmaking for Professional Services part 1
May 5, 2018


Is “Rainmaking” an art form that some people have and others do not? We all can be rainmakers if we can identify those activities that fit our personality and build it into a process that becomes so automatic it looks like an art form to those around us.

Because we cannot operate for long periods of time outside of our wiring, I would like us to share activities that we have found that make rain, so we can discover alternatives that work for us.

This is one of many tools that works for me. It evolved over many years and did not become an overnight success.

My Rainmaking tool: I make introductions that connect people.

On the surface, this appears simple, but the skills associated with making professional introductions also require you to know the individuals at a very personal level. This led me to develop the type of questions that move conversations beyond the superficial. (We will review some of these questions in subsequent blogs).

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