Rainmaking, Building Ambassadors part 5

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May 2, 2018
Rainmaking, Driving a Conversation Deeper part 4
May 3, 2018


We all need ambassadors that promote the value of our services.

Our goal should be to develop fifteen ambassadors. They may come from existing contacts, but also can be cultivated within the broader marketplace. Identify them and be purposeful to cultivate these personal relationships. Ambassadors may not be apparent from a distance, and you will experience dead-ends, however their value is worthy of your commitment of time.

When interacting within the marketplace, relationships of trust are often formed when circumstances require urgency. I call these “Moments of Truth.” If we roll up our sleeves and serve them in a time of need, we are creating an atmosphere that may initiate a lasting relationship and ultimately an ambassador. Nurturing an ambassador relationship will also require a mutual respect of each other’s professional journey and an open exchange of insights and counsel.

So be alert, as “Moments of Truth” do not present themselves often, and their value should not be measured by their immediate financial benefit. These types of interactions build a collaborative ownership of each other’s success.

Ultimately, true ambassadors will continuously endorse you to their community for their community’s benefit.

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