Building Rainmaking Habits part 6

Your Rainmaking Process part 7
May 2, 2018
Rainmaking, Building Ambassadors part 5
May 3, 2018


Most of us have held positions where the calendar year turns over and we find ourselves continuing the same routines from previous years. It is very easy to become entrapped by the gravity of “status quo” and find ourselves repeating the same experiences over-and-over. Although many of us strive to build routines within our lives, we grow during periods of change.

As we look back over our career’s we can identify significant emotional events that have influenced how we conduct ourselves. They were not all comfortable, however many initiated positive change. Granted, external forces cause most transitions, such as an appraisal, a confrontation, or a setback. Which begs the question; must we experience tough times to refine ourselves?

Here are some alternatives that can influence change, and how we can apply them to the topic of rainmaking:

  • Consistently interact with thought leaders.
  • Build a trusted community of advisors.
  • Request feedback that will refine, not just reward your performance.

Now, alongside our community of supporters that will provide “wind under your wings,” we will dedicate the next posting to discuss re-tooling your rainmaking habits with an effective process that aligns with your wiring and work environment. These specific actions when integrated into your weekly routine lay the foundation for client engagement.

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