Value Proposition, for Professional Services part 1

Value Proposition, Become Indispensable part 2
April 30, 2018
Your Rainmaking Process part 7
May 2, 2018


I am often reminded of the conversation between Alice and the Cheshire cat where he told her if you do not know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which road you take.

As an independent contractor, whether paid by the hour, by retainer, or paid for performance, we need to first establish a vision of what we want our value proposition to be. There are many successful models in the virtual assistant industry, enabling you to harvest their best practices, consolidate them, and make them your own.

There is a direct relationship between the specifics of your value proposition and your confidence in the marketplace. Does your intellectual property, tools, and interpersonal skills enable you to deliver your services far more effectively than in-house solutions?

Your confidence and compensation will grow substantially as you continuously refine your value, package and replicate your unique deliverables.

In the next few postings let’s drill-down to how we go about developing, and leveraging your unique value propositions.

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