Value Proposition, Become Indispensable part 2

Value Proposition, Refine your Service Offering part 3
April 29, 2018
Value Proposition, for Professional Services part 1
May 1, 2018


Organizations will pay a premium for your services if you deliver a specific value that can be immediately translated into better control, more profit, or a balanced lifestyle without the complications of additional full-time staff.

As you cycle through more and more engagements, you must make the adjustments that refine your focus and value proposition, which will translate into a more predictable and lucrative income.

Areas of expertise can vary from specific business functions such as human resources, process improvement, or marketing, to a specialized knowledge of a set of technologies, or a specific industry. Whatever your focus, consume everything possible about your discipline(s) while dedicating yourself to becoming the expert in your chosen field and being proficient in interconnected technologies.

Your goal is to deliver twice the results in half the time, by replicating a proven blueprint for exactly how to provide your services, with documentation that is easily configured and delivered specifically for each client. This will translate into profitable long-term clients because you have made yourself indispensable by delivering results.

Identifying and refining your areas of expertise will not only help you target clients for your services, but also recognize clients or markets that you should avoid.

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