Value Proposition, Do You Understand Me? part 4

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April 27, 2018
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April 29, 2018


Owning a business can be a lonely place for an entrepreneur because most personal relationships cannot relate to the urgency, risk and passions of your journey. Entrepreneurs also learn very quickly that business relationships have different and sometimes conflicting agendas. Boundaries are set which can be perceived as obstacles for a provider of services but it actually creates an opportunity or value that you bring to the table.

You have common ground.

What is the common ground I am talking about? We also own our own business, so we both:

  • challenge our own opinions and seek great advisors
  • anticipate and prepare which gives us confidence
  • savor the insights we gain from failure and success
  • understand that marketing and internal systems are the life blood of my organization
  • focus where the leverage is, the one-percent that really works
  • understand our weaknesses and find people smarter than me
  • avoid being deceived by success as complacency is my enemy
  • need to reignite the ridiculous amount of passion I once felt

If you understand and relate to their hopes and fears and truly respect the limitations on their time and capital (which is coming out of their back pocket), than you will be invited into their world.

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