Value Proposition, Interpersonal Skills part 5

Value Proposition, Do You Understand Me? part 4
April 28, 2018


We all develop patterns or habits, and we are destined to repeat them in every conversation and with every relationship unless we make a conscious effort to change.

So, let’s look at a common path of building a new business relationship.

In your initial conversation with new relationships, you might start by mentioning your common interests, backgrounds or professional relationships, and the specific reason that you called them. Their comfort increases and you earn the right to have a no risk conversation.

Your conversational questions should demonstrate confidence, curiosity, and respect, which position you to direct the conversation to specific needs or opportunities.

You are now positioned to be appropriately assertive with your recommendations and avoid the appearance of aggressiveness.

Now, throughout these and all our business interactions, we can easily go on automatic. Are good habits wired into our skill set?

So, let me be specific on one of many good habits that I had to learn and practice to the point of being automatic.

I will not minimize you by interrupting or dismissing your thought process. I will seek to understand your point of view because mutual respect lays the foundation to influence and learn from each other.

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