What does Visiam do?

Visiam collaborates with self-employed consultants who provide human resources services, empowering them to market, automate, and monetize their business.
We acknowledge that marketing can be challenging, but it is a necessity if you are going to maintain a predictable revenue stream. In addition, delivering onsite and customized services can either be difficult for a small business to afford, or unprofitable to the consultant.
Visiam’s cloud-based platform includes a free assessment tool to engage prospective clients in a discussion surrounding employee performance. Visiam enables consultants to package and virtually deliver their professional solutions, supporting their efforts to scale and monetize their value.

Scale Your Consulting Business

Attempting to grow your consulting business, while consumed with day-to-day operations, is a challenge every HR service provider must overcome.
However, what seasoned professionals have learned is the value of developing standardized and repeatable processes that align with support systems.
When you have positioned yourself to oversee the implementation of repeatable client services, rather than be immersed at every phase of the deliverable, you can focus on your value and realize sustainable growth.

Monetize Your Expertise

If you want to increase your profit on a per-hour basis, focus on your expertise where your effectiveness can be documented and your efficiencies are known.
Incorporate companion tools and software products that leverage your intellectual property, positioning your clients to focus on outcomes rather than measuring each hour of your time.
As you continue to refine your deliverables, margins will increase and your market visibility will expand.