What does Visiam do?

The Visiam platform enables Professional Service Providers to integrate automation into the delivery of their services.
Since business today has become virtual in time and location, there must be a conscience strategy to support interaction within virtual teams and departments.
At the same time, online access to documented policies and procedures, and automated workflows must replace an organizations reliance on word-of-mouth communication and paper processes.

Scale Your Business

Attempting to grow your business, while consumed with day-to-day operations, is a challenge every small business owner must overcome.
However, what seasoned professionals have learned is the value of developing standardized and repeatable processes that align with support systems.
When you have positioned yourself to oversee the implementation of repeatable client services, rather than be immersed at every phase of the deliverable, you can focus on your value and realize sustainable growth.

Monetize Your Expertise

If you want to increase your margins in time or profit, focus on your wheelhouse where your efficiencies are known and effectiveness can be documented.
Partner with companion software products that leverage your intellectual property and positions clients to focus on outcomes rather than measuring each hour of your time.
As you continue to refine your deliverable, you will see your margins increase and potential market expand.